Amazing 17 New Fitness and Yoga Spots Open in New York City

Good Sweat

By Lisa Elaine Held

Grab a natural deodorant, 2016 is shaping up to be a seriously sweaty year in New York City. Soon, Brooklyn cult favorite The DogPound will arrive in Manhattan, while Shadowbox will reverse-commute its way to Brooklyn. Tone House will move to a giant new space, and Barry’s Bootcamp will finally open uptown.

But hold up. Before their doors even open, we’ve got these 17 (yes, 17!) new spots for pull ups and pulsing. This crop of studios all opened (or will open) in December 2015 and January 2016 ALONE (with a few small exceptions on timeline), leaving Gotham dwellers with few reasons to reneg on your fitness resolutions.

Check out these 17 new workout spots made for the new year (and listed in alphabetical order) now. Scoff at the idea of January gym crowds later.

17. Yo Bk
Bikram is the yoga style of choice (although they’re not purists—they offer both 60- and 90-minute classes) at this new hot studio in South Williamsburg, which has a loft feel and opened a little earlier this fall in the former Brooklyn Crew space. 

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