Rates & Membership

YO BK offers a variety of rates to best meet your needs. You can purchase classes online or at the studio. Class packages and memberships can be used on all classes. Gift cards can be used towards classes, merchandise and rentals. Private lessons are also available.

$39 Introductory 2 Weeks Unlimited

(New York Residents Only)

$109 Monthly Unlimited Membership

(3 month minimum contract + $29 Initiation Fee)

Class Packages & Memberships Rates
Introductory 2 Weeks Unlimited $39 Best package for first time visitors. New York residents only. Activates on the date of first class.
Monthly Unlimited Membership $109 Best monthly package. Auto-renewal. 3 month minimum contract + $29 Initiation Fee
Single Class $27
5 Classes $89 3 month expiration from date of first class.
10 Classes $159 6 month expiration from date of first class.
1 Month Unlimited $169
1 Year Unlimited $1299 Includes mat and towel rentals.

 *All Class Packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.