Rates & Membership

YO BK offers a variety of rates to best meet your needs. You can purchase classes online or at the studio. Class packages and memberships can be used on all classes. Gift cards can be used towards classes, merchandise and rentals. Private or small group fitness classes and mindset coaching are also available. Please note that only Full Time and Part Time members may enroll online in Peak Classes.

Want to pay for your practice in a different way? Visit our Karma Yoga page!

$59 Introductory 1 Month Unlimited

$159 Full Time Membership

           $109 Part Time Membership - 5x/month

Class Packages & Memberships Rates
Introductory Month $59 Best package for first time students. New York residents only. Activates on the date of first class.
Full-time Membership $159 Unlimited classes. Auto-renewal. 1 month minimum contract
Part-time Membership $109 5 monthly classes. Auto-renewal. 1 month minimum contract
Single Class $31
10 Classes $229 6 month expiration from date of first class.
1 Year Unlimited $1499 Includes mat and towel rentals.

 *All Class Packages are non-refundable and non-transferable. We do not offer holds for memberships other than Autopay.



Our Clients LOVE their results.. You will too!

"Doing yoga makes everything in life better by bringing my attention away from my mind into my body. My whole body feels healthier and better after yoga and my mind has been (at least partly) scrubbed of sticky, limiting thoughts." - Jacob

"This practice has taught me what it means to make a healthy commitment to myself and look at yoga as is a lifelong practice. I'm here because I'm committed to feeling my best and I know this class helps me get there. " - Lillith

"Yoga really helps with stress. I become so focused on the postures and not falling over that I have no mental capacity to think about anything else. It becomes meditative. Bikram Yoga provides a great space to literally sweat out all of your stress. You feel so good after." - Kat

"After 11 years of Vinyasa yoga, I decided to try Bikram. Terrified, I bought a Groupon to a studio in the city. Two and a half  years later, I'm astounded by how the yoga has changed my anatomy structurally, myself mentally, and just how I see myself as myself. It's changed my life in more ways than I can divulge. Physically, I'm stronger, mentally I'm more focused, emotionally I can express and release better than before. I can breathe in and out of situations I'd be like a shrinking violet man. I've learned so much from so many teachers I have encountered, met people who are the closest to me. I have so much gratitude." - Erin