Kate Davies



Kate was lucky to find Hot Yoga during her first semester of college and is still best friends with the girl who brought her to class. She has taught for 6 years and practiced for 13 while living abroad in Italy, China, Thailand and Texas.

Kate loves that although the 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises never change, the practitioner does. Over the years, she has practiced for health, exercise, meditation and alone time. This yoga helps Kate know herself better and introduces her to the most amazing people. Her other passions are hip-hop, cooking (usually Asian food), reading novels and getting lost in her hometown of NYC.

"No matter how far you travel, you can never get away from yourself."  - Haruki Murakami, After the Quake




Lillith was introduced to Bikram Yoga by her loving and persistent mother, Kathy. It was with love and persistence, and sometimes persistence and then love that Lillith developed a Bikram practice. Fast forward to 6 years later and she's still spending a large portion of her week on her mat, at a YO BK where Lillith is thrilled to practice and teach Inferno Hot Pilates. The combination of HIIT Pilates and a hot yoga practice is incredibly beneficial and keeps you motivated. When she isn't on the mat, she is in normal clothing pursuing a career in acting, exploring the city and looking for new and exciting ways to be cheeky. Come practice and have fun!

Riji Suh



Riji is happy to join the new and growing YO BK yoga family and to be part of the (r)evolution of yoga in Brooklyn. As a native Queens-NYC girl who grew up playing basketball in rival school gyms and asphalt courts in BK parks, it is meaningful to return to teach and practice yoga in blossoming Williamsburg. One of her favorite things about YO BK is the view of the bridge, always perfectly satiating to the heart, whether during a pinkish sunrise, bluish midday, ruddy reddish sunset, or pitch black night.  

Riji has been teaching the Bikram Method since Fall of 2006, and she is honored to have been part of the staff for two Honolulu Teacher Trainings, learning under the precise guidance of phenomenal teaching legends, some gone, some here... She is also thankful to have studied under the compassionate masterful tutelage of Sri Dharm Mittra and has taught his style since completing his Teacher Training in 2010. Besides her work in studios around NY, Riji teaches private clients through a language that is always extending and expanding from and within her personal consciousness and connection: a nonstop flow and weaving of all of her studies, teachings and life exxperiences on and off the yoga mat. On her off the mat time, Riji is a model and creative spirit working in fashion and media in New York City.

"Eyes High Walk Light": transliterated daily quote from her beautiful and inspiring mother.




Frank began practicing Bikram Yoga in January 2009. Out of shape and unhappy with his poor health, he was determined to turn his life around.

Frank felt a transformation after his first class. Bikram Yoga has allowed him to strengthen his body, increase flexibility, and improve balance; while also calming and focusing his mind. Four years later, he was awarded a scholarship to attend Bikram's Teacher Training in Spring of 2013.

In addition to teaching full-time, Frank works with “One posture at a Time” teaching yoga in treatment facilities for individuals in recovery from substance abuse. He is truly grateful to this yoga and believes in its healing abilities.

Natalie Jones



Natalie started practicing yoga a week before her 21st birthday in Burlington, VT. From the moment the sweat dropped onto her mat, she was hooked. Prior to that, she had struggled to find a physical activity that bettered her overall health. She could easily see herself heading down a toxic path. After that first encounter on January 18, 2006, everything changed. Natalie was determined to unlock the mysteries of her body and mind and lock her knee! Three years into her practice, Natalie realized she wanted to become a yoga teacher. It took almost three more years to make that dream a reality. Natalie completed her Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in November 2011. Her journey as a student and teacher had only begun. Yoga continues to inspire and challenge her in countless ways. Getting certified in Inferno Hot Pilates has brought her new challenges and new inspiration, in both teaching and practicing. Sharing the practice of yoga and Pilates with students is one of the greatest  joys of her life. Natalie believes that through movement in yoga & Pilates we can heal our bodies, minds and spirits, experiencing a profound level of health and vitality. Her goal is to  help people discover their potential one breath, one posture, one yoga class at a time. It's all about feeling good baby!

Sarah Ghilardi


   Sarah Ghilardi, 28, grew up in Zurich, Switzerland. She start practicing Bikram Yoga when she was 14. Since then she is practicing different types of yoga mainly Bikram hot yoga, Asthanga, Vinyasa and Sivananda Yoga on a regular basis.     She did her Bikram yoga teacher training under guidance of Bikram Choudhary in 2012, Los Angeles.     Recently, she finished her 200 hours  Vinyasa yoga training under guidance of Jared McCann at Lighthouse yoga school in Brooklyn.     In 2012, She won gold medal and secure  1st position at the Swiss Yoga Asana Championship in Zurich, Switzerland and successfully demonstrate her routine at the international yoga championship, in Los Angeles as Swiss representative .   

Sarah Ghilardi, 28, grew up in Zurich, Switzerland. She started practicing the Bikram Method at the age of 14. Since then, she has practiced many styles of yoga--mainly Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Sivananda. 

Sarah completed Bikram's Teacher Training in 2012 in Los Angeles. She recently earned her 200-hour Vinyasa certification from Lighthouse Yoga School in Brooklyn. In 2012, Sarah won first place at the Swiss Yoga Asana Championship and competed internationally in Los Angeles. 

Sarah speaks German, French and English. She has lived in the United States for two years and is passionate about sharing her love for yoga.

Camille Sallette



Camille is a recent transplant from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. She began practicing hot yoga in 2010 when a friend half-dragged her to a Bikram class. It was hot, hard, and humbling. It felt so good to go to bed the good kind of tired and wake up the good kind of sore. So the next day she went back, and the next, and 8 years later she can’t live without it.

She participated in a work-trade for free yoga at her local studio where she began to develop deeper relationships with her fellow students and teachers. The loving community that is the ‘yoga world’ inspired Camille to go to teacher training and in 2014 she became a certified Vinyasa teacher by Hot House Yoga in Richmond, VA. She has experience teaching both Barkan and Baptise methods.

In her time off the mat Camille works for a craft beer company that sells tasty heady brews. She is also a hoop dance instructor and an experienced vegetarian cook. Camille joined the work-study program here at YO BK when she moved to NYC and fell in love with the space, the teachers, and the students. She is so excited to teach ya’ll and can’t want to see you on your mat.