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YO BK is a locally owned small business with a growing community. We have 2 locations in Williamsburg and Greenpoint.

Opened in on Halloween of 2015, our Williamsburg location is on the ground floor of a 1920s loft building. Our studio holds up to 35 yogis with heat and humidity to keep you sweating year round. We have a shower, a changing area, lockers and retail.

Our Greenpoint studio opened in December of 2018 and offers a spacious 45 person yoga room, 2 showers, a changing area, lockers and retail.  

YO BK is a fantastic place to begin or continue your yoga journey. With small class sizes, you will receive individual attention from passionate, certified teachers. They will challenge you and treat you with respect and compassion. 

Our main goal is that you feel at home at the studio. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding your practice.

New students, we can't wait to meet you!


- Community
- Education
- Discipline
- Therapy
- Fun
- Accountability

Visit our contact page for directions to our studio.

Studio Etiquette

Make it part of your yoga practice to arrive early

Arriving early allows you to prepare for class--mentally and physically. Your yoga instructors love connecting with you before class. Arriving late for class can disrupt your fellow yogis. Students will not be permitted more than 5 minutes late for class. This is a place to respect yourself and your peers.

Please turn off your noise-making robot devices

Please turn off your phone in the studio and leave it outside the yoga room. It is very distracting for other students.

No Shoes

Keep your yoga home neat, no shoes on yo feet.

Stay for the whole class

Commit to your yoga practice. You showed up and you paid for class. If you do not have time to stay for a whole class, we have 27 classes per week and 60 minute options.

Practice with the class

Bikram Yoga is meant to be practiced in a group. The group energy makes the practice easier and more fun! When you start doing your own thing it can be confusing to your instructor and fellow yogis. We make the yoga room available to you 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after class so you can do any additional stretches.

No Gum. No Perfume. No Food.

All delicious and awesome. In a hot room--not so much.

Don’t eat before the heat

Give your body a couple hours to digest before class. These postures are more comfortable on an empty stomach.

Enjoy yourself and grow!

It’s the law! Kidding...kind of.  This is a space for life-altering practice. We’re so excited you’re here. You’re never too old, too late, to out of shape. (You’re also never too young of in shape to benefit!) We want to help challenge you on this journey towards comfort, health, patience, growth and self-love. Please never hesitate to ask questions of your teacher and staff. Most important, practice regularly. Your future self is thanking you!

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